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Lynden Lodge was sponsored by Bellingham Bay Lodge No. 44. On March 19, 1888, when Washington was still a Territory, 13 Masons in good standing petitioned the Grand Lodge of F. & A.M. of Washington for "....letters of Dispensation to empower them to assemble as a regular Lodge to discharge the duties of Masonry...". The first meeting, while the lodge was under Dispensation, was held on July 27, 1888. The first Worshipful Master was Nels L. Weiberg.

Lynden Lodge's first building--home of the lodge until 1999.

Lynden Lodge received it's charter on June 12,1889 and between 1889 and 1901 the lodge met in the IOOF hall in Lynden. That building was demolished in the 1950s. Lynden Lodge's first building, seen above, was moved from another location on Grover street in Lynden, Washington to it's present location on Grover street and an addition was added in 1901. This was the Lynden Lodge home until 1999, when the lodge needed to find a new home, because the building no longer met building code requirements. The move was to the Laurel Grange hall on Guide-Meridian Road, where the members met until 2002, when they moved again to the Ferndale Masonic Hall located on 3rd Avenue in downtown Ferndale, Washington.

Laurel Grange Hall. Home of Lynden Lodge from 1999 to 2003.

Present home of Lynden International Lodge at the Ferndale Masonic Hall.
The address is 5638 3rd Ave., Ferndale, WA 98248. This building is owned by the Ferndale Masonic Lodge No. 264.

On December 31, 2010, Lynden Lodge consolidated with Kulshan International Lodge No. 186 due to dwindling membership in Kulshan International. The lodges agreed to consolidate under the new name Lynden International Lodge No. 56.

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