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The Hiram Award is presented to a Master Mason who has served the Lodge and the Masonic Fraternity with devotion over and above the ordinary. It is the highest honor, other than being Master of the Lodge, that can be bestowed on a member of a Masonic Lodge.

The award may be for service over a long period of time, or it may be for extraordinary service in a single year. The recipients of this award are listed to the right.

Hiram Award Recipients
Year Name
1989 T. "Milt" Weidkamp
1990 Elbert S. Isom
1991 Wm. Leland Dodson
1992 Archie C. Crabtree
1993 Philip Dorr
1994 Kenneth I. Fredlund
1995 Claude E. Yates
1996 Gordon R. Grahame
1997 Frank Juntunen
Year Name
1998 John R. Sleeth
2001 Glenn G. Boodey
2004 Gary E. Prowse
2007 James E. Browne
2008 Richard H. Decima
2009 Richard J. Myhre
2010 Jerry L. Mason Jr.
2015 Gordon R. Grahame

Lynden Lodge Receives 2009, 2010
Mark Twain Award

The Masonic Service Association (MSA) has announced that Lynden Lodge No. 56 was awarded the Mark Twain Award for 2009. This award was created by the MSA in 2006 to recognize "lodges that demonstrate energy, innovation and initiative in creating a positive Masonic identity in the community and extol the values of Freemasonry". Since creation of the Award, it has been granted to 11 lodges in 2006, 19 lodges in 2007 and 24 lodges in 2008. Up to 50 lodges may be selected in a single year. This marks the second year that Lynden Lodge has received this distinguished award.

Lynden Lodge based it's 2009 application on it's Education Projects, which include Scholarships for Senior students at Lynden and Meridian High Schools, it's Educator of the Year to an educator from the same two High Schools and its Bikes 4 Books Program, in whch 32 bikes were awarded at 7 schools and the Lynden Public Library.

Lynden Lodge received the Twain award again in 2010.

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